Moss, beach rock, lichen, oak leaves, pine needles


Most of these materials were collected on the Hidden Village property. It is primarily a pine forest and there is a lot of space between each little house. So much so that each has its’ own niche in the forest. The rock came from Nauset Light beach but the rest of the materials are from the area around our house. The gray-white plant material is almost like a sponge or a scrubby of some kind. I do not know if it is lichen or moss but it grows in abundance and feels springy underfoot. There are many small oak trees around the place with brilliantly green leaves. I harvested some of them. Pine straw is everywhere underfoot, a beautiful red-brown, and reminds me of Mark’s parent’s house in Georgia. You can smell it when the sun warms the ground during the day. The pine needles sometimes fall from the trees in lovely clumps. I used all of these materials to create this mandala.