Small bowl, wooden bracelet from India, tiny heart-shaped bowl, sapphire earrings, engagement ring, glass Buddha head, gold tie tack, dog tags, Cathedral high school charm, marbles found on our property, the heart-shaped key to my Grandmother Boss’ house, coins from various countries, hand-shaped earrings, Blessed Mother key ring, Freshwater pearl earring from Panama, painter’s palette pin, Colossal Pictures tack, hand-shaped pin, gold circle pin, Super Mom pin, painter’s palette pin, 2 pair of decorative earrings from India

June 2020

I had been thinking about the nature of things saved when I started this mandala- what gets saved and why? I began to root around my drawers and boxes, picking out some things, leaving others. It was surprisingly difficult. The objects were not uniform in size and shape and I did not have a lot of multiples. I built it over the course of an hour or two, adding and deleting, searching for like objects, establishing balance if not symmetry. I chose things that had belonged to people or pets lost to me, things given from people dear to me, and things collected during adventures.