First Bird’s Nest Mandala- Bird’s nest, pine cones, feathers, shells, lucky rock

Easthampton, Massachusetts, May 2020

I found this empty bird’s nest in the road on my way home from a dog walk to my neighbor’s yard. It had not been there when I had walked over. On the way back it was directly in my path as if the universe had provided it especially for me. The pine cones are from our back yard, shed by a huge fir tree that was big when we moved in 37 years ago and is huge now. Many kinds and many generations of birds have nested in it. I regularly find feathers of all kinds behind our house and consider them spirit messages. I used some of these in the mandala. The shells are from a visit to my sister Sheila’s local beach in Beverly, Massachusetts. The rock came from a collection in our garden. The Bosses have always considered rocks that have an unbroken line going all the way around to be “lucky” rocks.