Small bowl, wooden bracelet from India, tiny heart-shaped bowl, sapphire earrings, engagement ring, glass Buddha head, gold tie tack, dog tags, Cathedral high school charm, marbles found on our property, the heart-shaped key to my Grandmother Boss’ house, coins from various countries, hand-shaped earrings,

Words Remembered

Proverbial language has been defined by linguist Neal Norrick as “self-contained, pithy, traditional expressions with didactic content and fixed poetic forms.” Less scientifically but more poetically, English statesman Lord John Russell is credited with defining proverbs as “the wisdom of many and the wit of one.” (ABC Dictionary of Chinese Proverbs, John S. Rohsenow, 2002)

Things Fall Apart

When I was 18 with a baby, I was married into a construction crew that regularly wrecked their jeans. At a dollar a patch I made my first money sewing and became a bit of a hero.